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Due to increased demand as a result of the recent spate of Dublin City attacks all Training Slots are currently filled. Please contact us to join the waiting list for when we take in new clients.  

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Reality Based Ireland are one of the oldest providers of realistic training for real world violence. However, the reality of violence in today's world is changing in Ireland. There is a higher level of gun and knife crime in our country. We have seen an increase in the amount of violent protests and riots and assaults on local businesses. 

Reality Based Ireland is equipped and qualified to meet the needs of our clients to address these challenges while still meeting their traditional needs. 

Learn more about our bespoke corporate/business training programs and seminars below.

Reality Based Personal Protection Simulating an Armed Robbery and Hostage Taking Scenario

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Beyond the Reality Based Personal Protection training in our courses, Reality Based Ireland offers custom-made bespoke training ranging from a ½ day (4 hours) of training to one week of training; depending upon your business or organisation’s needs, budget, and the amount of personnel to be trained. 

We provide comprehensive training on a wide range of topics from small businesses worried about rioters to large corporations concerned about executive safety from kidnapping and hostage situations as taught to U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Army, Blizzard Entertainment etc. We’ll even teach you how to prepare and survive for worse case scenarios events such as an active shooter or suicide bomber and you’ll learn how to recognize a suicide bomber through some tell tale signs and how to take the appropriate action. 

Reality Based Ireland provides: 

Anti-kidnapping Courses for Executives
Celebrity Personal Protection Programs
Defensive Tactics for Flight Attendants
Defensive Tactics for Hospital Staff
Executive Protection Courses (bodyguard)

Media Reporter Survival Courses

School Shooting Survival Courses

Office Shooting Survival Courses

Terrorism Survival Courses

And can provide customized training to suit your needs. Just some of the courses we have prepared include:

Control and Restraint

Train your staff and employees to safely de-escalate violence, restrain others when necessary and how to escape from the most commonly used chokes in just 3 steps, how to break free from a Front Hold, Back Hold, and Horizontal Hold; each with your arms trapped and your arms free. Until the Gardai arrive you may have to prevent criminals escaping or fleeing the scene, so you will learn Citizen’s Arrest Techniques for Cooperative Unknown Suspects and Uncooperative Suspects and learn to avoid criminal tricks that can get you hurt or killed. However, even though you may be in the right you could also make mistakes, like accidentally killing the person you are trying to hand over to the Gardai. This phenomenon is known as Restraint Positional Asphyxiation, and you’ll know how to keep it from happening while you are responsible.  

Victim Recovery

In real violence people get hurt, and it can be a staff member, customer or client you are with that goes down. That is why you will learn how to do Victim Ground Rescue Techniques; something that professionals learn, but which virtually no martial arts systems teach. These techniques are needed not only to get the victim out of a hostile area, but the same techniques can be used for structure fires or disasters.

Vehicle Security

For many executives just walking to and from your car, or driving it, brings on a whole different set of security issues that you should know about. We offer training that concentrates on Vehicle Security, such as: how to search for Car Bombs, how to detect a Carjacking before it happens, Road Rage Prevention, knowing the Vehicle Position of Advantage whether you are driving on the highway or in the drive-thru of McDonalds. If someone tries to pull you from your car or shoots at you you’ll learn the Car Seat Defense Rule.  

Kidnapping Survival

Tiger Kidnappings have been a concern for many years in Ireland, and we offer a detailed training program covering a variety of types of kidnappings such as express or lightning kidnappings, political kidnappings and more. You’ll learn about The Hostage Cycle, and experience actual kidnapping simulations from 2 and 3 Person Takedown Teams, how to survive as a Hostage and more. 

Store Robbery

Paul ‘Batman’ O’Brien, your instructor, isn't just qualified and basing his experience on theoretical knowledge, but has been involved in defending shops from armed robbery on two separate occasions. Once involving a handgun, the other involving a crowbar and syringe. On both occasions he was able to ensure the safety of staff and customers and the apprehension of the criminals involved. 

You’ll learn what a Store Robbery is really like, what a Bank Robbery is really like and how criminals really act during a Street Robbery. You’ll learn how you can ensure the safety of your staff, customers and clients, with techniques such as the Throwaway, O.O.D.A. Drop money, Submissive Posturing, Preventing Hostage Mentality, and how to Protect Others with Body Shielding Drills. You’ll also learn about Psychological Personal Protection and dealing with the aftermath of a crime, PTSD and courtroom survival

Active Shooters

The sad reality is that gun crime is escalating in Ireland. Your instructor, Paul ‘Batman’ O’Brien was on site at two active shooter situations in Dublin, both involving gangland killings. Thankfully, he had received the very best of training in dealing with active shooter situations and will teach you the same techniques he used and as taught to U.S. Marshals, FBI SWAT, German GSG9, Argentinean GOE, Finland’s National Police Academy, Germany’s Border Police Academy, U.S. Army Military Police and more. 

You’ll learn how to find Cover & Concealment, Point to Point Runs, Room Entry Evasion, Cross Over and Button Hook (to stay out of the fatal funnel, aka: kill zone), how to perform a Door Ambush ( for when escape is not possible), how to deal with obstacles and more. 

Bomb Threats

Bomb threats and chemical weapons are a genuine concern for many businesses today. In this module you’ll learn the correct responses if a bomb threat is called in, or suspect packages have been delivered. You’ll learn how to conduct interior and exterior bomb searches, what to do in the case of a Planted Bomb or IED (Improvised Explosive Device). You'll learn how to conduct Car & Truck Bomb searches and even how to identify suicide bombers and the steps to take in such a terrifying event. 

Check out some of our Videos!

The following are some recent clips from our seminars and public demonstrations. 

Lesson: The Jim Wagner Knife Disarm Rule

An except from a private presentation for a tech group on proven reality based techniques. This was one of the most important lessons covered - The Jim Wagner Knife Disarm Rule, which I have taught to LEO and military officers for over 15 years. 

How to Train the Bag

Some advice for solo training on a heavy bag for the reality based personal protection student during solo training with lockdown. 

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